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There is a legend from Boyle Heights that has been forgotten. However, we are excited to celebrate the Chico Sesma Orchestra, which was founded by the legendary radio personality Chico Sesma. Chico Sesma began his radio career in 1949 on KDAY, where he pioneered a new innovative bilingual broadcasting style. He was also a trombone player in the Jazz Big Band Era. Chico Sesma is a historic figure in Los Angeles, as he was the first to play what we now know as salsa music on the radio.
Chico attended Hollenbeck Jr. High School and was also in the band at Roosevelt High School.
Here are two tunes to listen to.
Chico Sesma and his Orchestra "Cha Cha Bounce, 1959
Lalo Guerrero with the Chico Sesma Orchestra
Lalo Guerrero with the Chico Sesman Orchesta-dime Quien Te Dijo

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