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Boyle Heights Community Partners brings to the party generations of families, stories, history and culture to facilitate moving forward
with education, historic preservation and working in creating our very own resource library for everything Boyle Heights.

Achievement in any line of endeavor is the natural result of ability and experience plus opportunity.

We always take pride in our success - - success earned by the ability of members, the experience gained in many years of conscientious efforts, and the opportunities offered by our clients.

~~~~ Vic DeMamiel, School Annual Service Manager,
Our mission is to protect our cultural heritage, our history in our treasured community of Boyle Heights through historical preservation and education.

We will continue to providing historic preservation education in addition to landmarking of historic homes, people of significance and buildings.
These are monuments that reflect our history, and to help us understand those who lived in different eras and helped mold
Boyle Heights into a cultural community.

We aim to champion historic preservation by landmarking historic places, places of significance, growing our cultural arts
presence in our historic districts which have already been recognized by the City of Los Angeles Office of HistoricResources.

We are engaging and educating our community on our rich history and as historians we are providing student learning programs.
Some of our programs will provide the history of how Boyle Heights was established, and the great men and women who help to
create one of the oldest communities in Los Angeles.

- Preservation strengthens neighborhoods.
- Preserved residential and commercial spaces are an asset to their communities.
- Preservation encourages local economic growth.
- Preservation conserves natural resources.
- Preserving historic buildings is crucial to retaining our nation;s heritage and history.
- It is environmental and practical, large scale recycling, it reduces the need for new materials and other costs of demolition.
- Historic preservation will increase the value of your home
Boyle Heights Community Partners is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit #84-1775338

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