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It was on a sunny Saturday morning on December 18, 2021
10am - 12pm
Boyle Heights Community Partners Proudly Presents our 1st Annual
"2021 Senior Got of Giving" at Sakura Gardens

We want to share our gratitude for our partners who volunteered and made donations; thank you: Sakura Cards, Little Tokyo Historical Society, our Neighborhood Music School, OCO Youth of Orange County, and Hollenbeck LAPD.

Due to COVID restrictions, this event was closed to the public, but we ask that you help us continue to provide community events by making a tax-deductible donation. We will bring smiles once again in 2022 at Sakura Gardens on both Mother's Day and Father's Day.

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Before it was Sakura Gardens/Pacifica Companies (2016 - present), it was Keior (1975 - 2016),
Before it was Keiro, it was the Japanese Home for the Aged (1967 - 1974), and
Before it it was the Japanese Home for the Aged, it was the Jewish Home for the Aged (1944 - 1973), and it all began with the
Hebrew Sheltering Home for the Aged/Association/Jewish Sheltering Society (1910 - 1943)

Join us for our Sing-Along with our very own Neighborhood Music School.

The Music Settlement House, as it was originally known, was established in 1914, and located on Mozart Street.
Its purpose was to teach English and Music to the Russian immigrants of Boyle Heights.

In the 1930's the school relocated to the Hollenbeck House at 357 South Boyle Avenue and became a nonprofit
organization since 1936, offering affordable, professional music instruction to the community.

In 1947, the school moved to its present location, in the two oldest Victorian houses in Boyle Heights.
  • Karen Louis, Executive Director introducing our Sing-Along
After the finest entertainment from our Neighborhood Music School, our seniors took a break before coming down for lunch, which is when we greeted them with a gift bag of essentials items, gifted by Boyle Heights Community Partners and Little Tokyo Historical Society, Hollenbeck Police Department and members of our community, with donations to help fill those gift bags.
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  • From left to right: Vivian M. Escalante-CEO Boyle Heights Community Partners, David A. Silva-VP Boyle Heights Community Partners, Paula Miura- Volunteer, Little Tokyo Historical Society, Brenda Martinez-Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council and Michael Okamura-President, Little Tokyo Historical Society
  • Paula Miura volunteering and stuffing our gift bags.
  • Brenda Martinez and Vivian M. Escalante stuffing the wonderful gifts.
  • So many essential gifts for our elders.
  • Over 100 gift bags.
  • In the memory unit, she she looked into her bag, she said that there wasn't anything in it, so Vivian M. Escalante helped her reconnize her gifts.
  • Not only did our elders receive gifts going to lunch, but also gifts after lunch with the OCO youth.
  • OCO Youth
  • As our elders are about to have lunch, we are all being honored.
  • A wonderful treat for our elders, a wonderful cake from Yamazaki Bakery LA at the Japanes Plaza in Little Tokyo.


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