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Join us for a community event that celebrates the rich and vibrant Nikkei heritage of Boyle Heights. The parade, a symbol of our cultural pride, kicks off at 5 pm at Saratoga/1st St in front of Tenrikyo Church.
After the parade, we'll gather in front of Otomisan for a cultural extravaganza opened by our esteemed Consulate General of Japan, Los Angeles Sone, and his wife. The event will feature a diverse range of performances, from the powerful beats of Hikari Taiko to the melodious tunes of Boyle Heights Neighborhood Music School and the grace of the 2023 Nisei Weeks Queen Court, among others.
The event will culminate with the Ondo/Japanese Festival Street Dancing, a celebration of our shared cultural heritage led by the Little Tokyo Dance Club. We're looking forward to another year of celebrating our cultural roots!

Help us Empower Boyle Heights:
Come and be part of our 3rd Annual Nikkei Celebration, where your donation will make a difference!

Introducing our new history art gallery that highlights the rich history of Japanese culture in Boyle Heights, both past and present. We aim to educate future generations about our cultural heritage through community events and engaging tours. However, to bring this vision to life, we need logistics, archives, research, and secure storage resources. These resources are crucial for establishing a legacy. Unfortunately, our local representatives appear hesitant to provide support.

We require your assistance, not just financially but also through collaboration. Together, we can protect this invaluable educational event. Each artifact whispers of lives lived and lessons learned. We cannot accomplish this monumental task alone.

Join us in this fight to preserve our cultural tapestry. Let's ensure future generations have the chance to cherish and learn from these treasures. Become a part of this meaningful journey. 

Your contribution is not merely a donation; it's a declaration that Boyle Heights Community Partners promises our stories will not be forgotten. Your contribution is invaluable and essential to our cause. We need you, and your involvement will make a significant impact on our mission.
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All our Tee-shirts are limited edition and available for purchase at our event for just $20.

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How can you help the success of our 3rd Annual Nikkei Celebration in Boyle Heights?

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Boyle Heights Community Partners is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit #32-0628921
Please help to protect and preserve our cultural heritage in Boyle Heights by making your Tax Deductible Donation TODAY.