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Bringing back our Historic Landscaping, our History and our Cultural Arts.

In 1875 Boyle Heights was established.
2021 earmarks the 146th Anniversary of Boyle Heights

We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating our history of
Boyle Heights at our weekly Virtual Events, by
clicking here.

Historic Preservation
Our Historic Cultural Monument Nomination

Why Historic Preservation is Important

the history of a place through its significant historic resources gives a community its unique character, and historic preservation adds to the quality of life making for a more livable community.
Many of our ongoing Historic Places that we have in line to landmark included:
- Neighborhood Music School
- Max Factor House
- Edward Royal House(s)
- Paramount Ballroom
- Candelas Guitars
- George's and Jim's Burgers
- Al & Bea's
- Redz

And the list continues, so please feel free to help our efforts with your tax deductible donation.
- Preservation strengthens neighborhoods.
- Preserved residential and commercial spaces are an asset to their communities.
- Preservation encourages local economic growth.
- Preservation conserves natural resources.
- Preserving historic buildings is crucial to retaining our nation;s heritage and history.
- It is environmental and practical, large scale recycling, it reduces the need for new materials and other costs of demolition.
- Historic preservation will increase the value of your home
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International Institute/LA in Boyle Heights
435 So. Boyle Avenue
Boyle Heights, 90033
Boyle Avenue Historic District

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Nishiyama Residence_Otomisan Japanese Restaurant
Martha Sindell Residence, Otemo Sushi Cafe

2504 - 2508 East First Street
Boyle Heights, 90033

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Deutsches Hospital, German Hospital
453 So. Soto Street
Boyle Heights 90033

Boyle Heights Community Partners is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit #84-1775338, State Charity Registration # 64141193, (c) 2018