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We are proud to announce that we have already begun working on our
Boyle Heights Community Partners
"Cultural Heritage Museum and Archiving Library Center"

With your DONATION you can help this beautiful community project come to life with the most innovative lectures,
story telling, art gallery, digital archiving library.

Be part of the history by donating your family photos, movies, newspaper articles, buttons, just about anything that helps you to become part of our in-person sharing you history and building our digital archiving library.

We cover EVERYTHING about Boyle Heights and the connections around the world.

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Boyle Heights Community Partners relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for you support to continue our efforts to uplift
and maintain the history of our community.

We are proud to be the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit currently working on creating an archival library to share with anyone interested in
learning more about Boyle Heights, however, we can't do this alone.

If it's possible, we would deeply appreciate a contribution of any size to help offset the enormous costs that come with defending
our historic architecture and cultural roots of a community like Boyle Heights.

Roosevelt High School
Community Learning Center

Min Amount $1500

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1933: Roosevelt High School
Courtesy Alumni Year Book from Raul

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1933: Our Japanese Garden, which has suffered throughout the decades.

Boyle Heights Community Partners is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit #32-0628921
Please help to protect and preserve our cultural heritage in Boyle Heights by making your Tax Deductible Donation TODAY.