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2022 Events

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This Saturday, 28th May, 2022, 10am, Chicago Street and East First Street Stanchion
we invite you to join Us/
Boyle Heights Community Partners with our neighbors
Little Tokyo Historic Society as we visit and share some of the history from our Angels Walk map,
which if you don't have a copy, we will have plenty to hand out.

Many of us had been looking forward to lunch at Otomisan, but they closed for the Memorial Holiday, so some folks enjoyed dinning at Casa Fina.

Photo courtesy: Little Tokyo Historical Society

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  • BHCP Vivian Escalante, CEO with Brenda Martinez, Ex Dir
  • Activism Poltics & Patriotism
  • Introuctions begin
  • Introductions continue from our elders that grew up in Boyle Heights
  • Yoko celebrating her wedding anniversary with her family our tour
  • Rita, who is working with on Black History in Boyle Heights
  • Group photo at STANCHION #9
  • Our group walking to STANCHION #9 Japanes Boyle Heights
  • We are not at STACHION #10 Transit in the Heights
  • Brenda sharing the history with our group
  • Our grup taking the last look for the day.
  • Many wanted to go to Otomisan, but they were closed for the Holiday, so lunch was at Casa Fina

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