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2021 will be a fresh new start to unite everyone to share the vision, with your financial
support to build our
Roosevelt High School (Memorial) Learning Center on the Roosevelt High School Campus.

Our center will include EVERYTHING Roosevelt, as a memorial from the loss of our Historic R building and Auditorium, and our cultural history, heritage that has been erased.

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Learn more about how BOYLE HEIGHTS COMMUNITY PARTNERS will tell your stories at our

We have already been given artifacts, so you are wanting to unload those family
boxes of photos, Lettermen Jackets, Old Annuals, feel free to share them with us.

The Committee to Defend Roosevelt is now moving forward with our name change to Boyle Heights Community Partners, hence we no longer have a Roosevelt High School with rich history to defend, and has become fueled with division from STEM, Public and Magnet, none which support one another and teaching separation and prejudice over one another, all under one campus.

Understand that there will NEVER be any tours through the Historic R Bundling and Auditorium to highlight the rich ethnic, racial and religious diversity.

There will NEVER be any tours through the Historic R Building and Auditorium, to highlight the unique Art Deco style chosen at a time when Roosevelt was the first high school of Boyle Heights.

There will NEVER be any tours through the historic R Building and Auditorium to showcase and reflect its place in history during WW II (such as the displacement relocation, and internment of Japanese Nisel students and their families) and as one of the cities of the Historic Chicano Bow-outs of 1968.

There will NEVER be tours through our Historic R Building and Auditorium to showcase and reflect the struggles for equality through education and the continued challenges for a better education for all.

Items salvaged and stored by LAUSDE from our Historic R Building and Auditorium will be repurposed in our Roosevelt High School Memorial Center.

Our Roosevelt High School Memorial Center will have EVERYTHING Roosevelt, as we are now beginning collecting annuals, sweaters, photos, books, tickets, ID cards, letters, artifacts.

We are now beginning to collect EVERYTHING Boyle Heights, which will be showcased in our Boyle Heights Historical Gallery and Archiving Library. So ff you, friends, family have any photos, deeds, stories for us to keep and share, please contact us.

All items will be cataloged with proper documentation to sure that it has a proper home for many to learn the true meaning of Boyle Heights.
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