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"Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference."
Kathy Calvin

Celebrating the many that have been forgotten We are excited to celebrate of 2nd Annual Nikkei Celebration in Boyle Heights.

Our event will begin at 5pm with our parade starting point at Saratoga Street and East First Street, as we take our parade in front of our Historic Otomisan Japanese Restaurant.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Our event is sponsored by Boyle Heights Community Partners and Little Tokyo Historical Society, and the many that are helping to fund our events.

And we don't just landmark our historic places, we brighten the up, with a beautification up lift, such as our "Otomisan Lantern Competition" for our community to invest in bringing back lantern

Boyle Heights Community Partners relies on contributions from friends like you to help protect the places in our community where history happened. Please make a donation now to help protect our important places that reveal our diverse cultural history and uplift the stories that present the community of Boyle Heights.

Historic places remind us of the people and events that brought us together and made us who we are, they bring charter and storytelling to our community and they serve as important milestones in our evolving history: But we can't save them without your help.
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We appreciate your support for our 2nd Annual Nikkei Celebration in Boyle Heights
Donate $50.00 or more.
All donations are tax deductible.

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Get invested in helping to bring back the lighting for our Historic Otomisan Japanese Restaurant by
donating $50.00 or more.
All donations are tax deductible.

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As a youngster, Davis moved to Los Angeles/Boyle Heights, where he was a three sport standout in Baseball, Basketball, and track and field.

He once rant a 9.5 second 100 yard dash, and set a city record in the long jump of 25 ft 5".

Discovered by the Dodgers scout Kenny Myers, Davis signed with the ball club upon graduating from Roosevelt High School in 1958

Honoring our Black History is important
We don't just celebrate Black History Month in February.
Honoring our cultural Black History and the important
people that have not been recognized

Donations start at $25.00

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Everything Boyle Heights
Historic Preservation:
Boyle Heights History:

Min Amount $100


Your contribution does so much more.
When you give to Boyle Heights Community Partners, you help raise the profiles of important places where community history unfolded. You ignite practices that make older buildings and neighborhoods the centerpiece of the neighborhood. You honor diverse cultural identities that make Boyle Heights what it is today. And most importantly, you help landmark these important places so that they will remain here for future generation to enjoy.

Your support is more important than ever this year.
The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted crucial revenue streams we reply on and more then every, our community is under threat of these historic places being erased by development and neglect.

On behalf of the entire Boyle Heights Community Partners team, we want to thank you for your continued support in helping us protect our cultural and treasured community.

Boyle Heights Community Partners is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit #32-0628921
Please help to protect and preserve our cultural heritage in Boyle Heights by making your Tax Deductible Donation TODAY.